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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a spray create a tan, compared to UV tanning?
    The active ingredient is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a highly concentrated sugar beet derivative that reacts with amino acids in the skin. DHA has been used topically as a cosmetic ingredient for over 40 years and is safe during pregnancy. Spraytans Express' proprietary solution is odorless and alcohol free, and contains vitamin E, aloe, and pentapeptides to soften and nourish the skin. It is entirely safe, very affordable, and a huge timesaver, requiring minimal visits to maintain color. One spray application lasts at least a week and is generally equivalent to 6 tanning bed sessions. The risks/dangers surrounding UV tanning are significant and well known. Exposure to UV from sunlight and tanning beds causes damage to skin cells, wrinkles, dryness, hyper- and hypo-pigmentation, skin discoloration, and freckling. Tanning beds often cause unintended burning, blistering, scaring and peeling due to the variations in bulb intensity and types of bulbs. UV tanning directly causes premature aging and is the leading cause of skin cancer and precancerous actinic keratosis -age spots.
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  • How is the spraytan solution applied?
    A manual spray gun is used by a professional, delivering consistency in expectations. The solution is applied evenly and thoroughly with careful attention to face, neck, underarms, hands and feet. The built in drying system simultaneously dries the skin, further ensuring even penetration and uniformity of color. A highly skilled technician consults with you to determine your preferred level of darkness, unique skin needs, and goals. You are instructed on how to position your stance and when to hold your breath (during spray of the face only). It's an open and comfortable environment. The process is relatively quick, 10-12 minutes, which includes drying time.
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  • How does it differ from a spraybooth?
    Spraybooths are a ?one-size-fits-all' mechanical machine with moving parts that traverse the body and face. The client is entirely responsible for getting (or not getting) an even application and "toweling off" is the "drying system". The tan typically lasts only a few days because of the fine misting application. For this reason, many booth owners actually encourage the use of tanning beds in conjunction with getting sprayed. Conversely, at SprayTans Express, the burden is on us to deliver a customized, flawless, natural-looking tan. The tan lasts much longer because of the built-in drying and forced penetration system. There is zero risk of being too dark in certain areas or having missed white spots. If the machine malfunctions, there is an immediate remedy. And, we guarantee fabulous, lasting results!
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  • Can you "even out" my tan lines?
    Yes, this is part of the custom process.
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  • Will I have color instantly?
    Yes, but this is just the bronzing dye. You must keep the solution on your skin for a specified amount of time for the active ingredient to process. During this period of time you will continue to darken. Then, while showering, the bronzing dye washes away, leaving the actual tan.
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  • How do I prepare my skin?
    Shower, shave, and exfoliate (in that order) and don't wear any moisturizer. We recommend using an exfoliating glove with body wash or primer for a thorough scrub of all body parts. A washroom is available to remove facial makeup and deodorant. If your skin is visibly dry, please inquire for special instructions. Let us know if you are getting laser treatments, using Retin A products, or steroids.
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  • What do I wear?
    During the spray, undergarments are required. Typically women wear a thong, bikini brief, or swimsuit and are topless. Men wear briefs or boxers. Following the spray, we recommend wearing something loose/comfortable. Tight fitting clothes may be worn as it will not affect the results. DO NOT wear spandex, leather, silk, nylon, or wool until showering. Barrier cloths are provided for car seats.
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  • Will the solution rub off on my clothes?
    On occasion, bronzing dye may rub off on the interior of clothes and/or bedsheets but only prior to showering. It will wash out with normal washing and leave no smelly residue. Our built-in drying system minimizes this concern.
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  • How long before I can shower following the spray?
    We offer two options. The original solution requires 10 hours to process. The rapid solution requires just 4 hours. In either case you may not get wet or perspire during this period of time. You may wash hands sooner, as instructed.
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  • Are there different levels of darkness?
    Yes. This will be discussed at each visit to ensure you get the exact color you're expecting. The range varies from a hint of color to a totally different ethnicity! The first 3 levels are the standard rate. There is a nominal surcharge for each additional level.
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  • Will I be orange?
    NO. not even a hint. The color is very specific to your skin type, guaranteed
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  • What about wrinkles and folds?
    Not to worry.. We have experience with all age groups and body types. Your tan will be even, fade naturally, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much younger, thinner, and attractive you look and feel.
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  • How long will it last?
    It depends on your unique skin type, skin care habits, and lifestyle. Tan lines will remain visible in 7 days, but some clients have color lasting 2 and 3 weeks. It commonly fades from face and hands in 3 days and touch up spray is recommended for uniformity on these areas. By following our instructions and regularly consulting with us, you will prolong the tan, maximize results, and stretch the frequency of visits, while always having great color! Various membership programs offer affordable options and suit every lifestyle.
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  • Does a spraytan protect against sunburn?
    No, the solution does not contain SPF. We always recommend using broad spectrum sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection. However, realize a little sun goes a long way in that the processes are separate, and therefore, complimentary
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  • What's the cost?
    Our first time clients enjoy $10 off their first spray. Please call for standard and membership pricing as well as current specials. Also let us know if you were referred by a client. Our referral program rewards those who are sharing the enthusiasm! We greatly appreciate client loyalty!
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  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Yes, the phone is always answered. Calling-ahead is usually accommodated for last minute planners and those with unpredictable schedules. Electronic appointments may also be made by clicking here
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